December 5, 2005

The Tourist

All creation cries at me--
"Taste! See! Hear!"-- too much, too much!
Bewildered, a child at a carnival,

A character in a Victorian novel:
Too many roller coasters, too many subplots
To be involved in them all. I must choose.

What have I left undone, unsaid?
So many people to love--
Am I missing anyone?

--But enough. Robert Frost
Has already written this poem (except his is much better),
And I'm only here for a while. One can't do everything.


Lynn Bruce said...

Wow. I recognize that syndrome. Your mother's daughter, to be sure. Your mother's father's granddaughter, too...

Sigh. I like it.

More, please.

(virtual M&Ms to those who can cite the Frost poem she referenced)

Tim said...

Good poem. I felt like you gave voice to my thoughts at "So many people to love--". *sigh* Someday, I suppose.