December 8, 2005

The "Sevens" game

I've been tagged by Pipsqueak and Nomos to play the game, so here goes...
Seven Things...

...I want to do before I die

- Travel through Scotland
- Sing in a stage production of the music from LOTR
- Fall in love
- See the Resurrection
- Photograph Kate Hepburn, Miranda Otto, Ingrid Bergman and Kate Winslet
- Be who I want to be.
- Do something really wonderful and unforgetable for someone

...I cannot do

- Fix Harriet Miers' makeup.
- Have an older brother. One that lives here, not in Memphis. Sorry, Nathan.
- Hit middle C on a mandolin. I've tried. I just can't do it.
- Drink v8. (I fully appreciate your feelings, Ludwig)
- Eat peanuts
- Play violin wearing three inch heels
- Appreciate Frank Sinatra

...That attracted me to my spouse (lets just say I have keep the game going)

- His Godliness, integrity and Christian standards
- His dignity and gentlemanly behavior towards girls
- His appreciation for good books and good music
- Sense of humor
- He can carry a tune tolerably
- He'll wear a kilt. And a fedora.
- He has to have read many of the books I have read, or he will never understand me at all.

...Things I say most often

- Well, ya' know...
- C'est la vie!
- Does this outfit look properly Kate Hepburn-ish?
- Aha. I see.
- Well...::in hushed tones::..bless his/her heart!
- Knock before you open the door!!!!
- Caitlin, don't sing at the table!

...books I love

- The Bible
- Oh dear...everything Tolkien wrote!
- The Complete Jane Austen
- the Space Trilogy
- The Ballad of the White Horse
- The Betsy, Tacy and Tib series
- Wislawa Symborska

...Movies I could watch over and over

- The Philidelphia story
- The Lord of the Rings
- Pride and Prejudice
- Sense and Sensibility
- It’s a Wonderful Life
- Sleeping Beauty
- Signs
- Muppet Treasure Island
- My Man Godfrey
(yes, I know it's more than seven)

..People I would like to tag

- IthileanPrincess, of Mole End
- Marjoniqua, of Screebees!
- Baddest, of Three Way S.T.O.P.
- GravyGal, of The Streets of Cobblestone
- Queen Shenaynay, of this blog
- Tommy, of Vinyl Cloud
- Lace, of La La Land

1 comment:

Marjoniqua said...

Claire you missed something you say all the time....honey! It's so you. I simply don't know how you forgot it. :-)