December 18, 2005



Being a collection of various things I have found totally way cool in the last week or so.

The Shieldmaiden for her birthday got the CD Myself When I Am Real, by Bebo Norman, which I whole-heartedly and unconditionally recommend to anyone. It's yummy. It's one of those CDs where I say "Ooh, I love this song!" at the beginning of almost every track. There are, however, three that I am especially fond of, one of which I will share because it's so beautiful my eyes almost watered the first time I heard it.

When day is over
I'll be the color in the sky
If darkness lingers
I'll be the flame that gives you light
I just want you to notice
I just want you to feel the same
I just want you to notice
That I just want to be your everything
I just want to be your everything
On my shoulder
There is a place for you to cry
I'll be your shelter
When there is nowhere left to hide
Sometimes I see you cry
When you watch the sun go down
You're magical, so beautiful, and I...
When day is over
I'll be the color in the sky
On an entirely different note, I have at last seen a movie oft-quoted by my acquaintance. Yes, after a summer of being completely baffled when various friends have shoved tater tots under my nose, I have finally seen Napolean Dynamite.
And guess what?? I liked it!
So if I have ever said to you, dear reader, that I didn't think I would ever see it because it looked too dumb, I heartily apologise for and retract that. Because while it was dumb, certainly, it was dumb in a really good way.
But anyway, I was just thinking today, that the reason that a movie as fragmented and episodic as that works, is because Napolean probably thought of his life as one episode after another, with no connecting thread of narrative. So what could have been just a really stupidly randomly bizarre movie has the freedom to just be plain funny.
I caught you a delicious bass. Wanna play me?

After a protracted absence, in which my family often wondered where I had gone, I have, after five days of non-stop reading, finished Villette by Charlotte Bronte. I couldn't put it down, literally. I have seen 2:30 AM twice this week for that very reason. One of those nights I finally fell asleep and some obliging person turned the lights off for me (thank you, whoever you are). The book is truly incredible, a work of art. Some of the sentences are so beautiful they're painful. In fact, that goes for the entire book-- painfully beautiful, and beautifully painful. It is darker, sadder than Jane Eyre-- but it's so artful and beautiful that the darkness is bearable.
Charlotte For me, she goes above and beyond enjoyment-- it's almost compulsion. When I read anything written by her it grips me so deeply that I can't not read. I really need to analyse that sometime...
Well, all that to it!
There are few things lovelier than denim jackets.


TheHeadGirl said...

You liked Napoleon Dynamite? I am appalled. Seriously disturbed.

Charlotte Bronte is good stuff, though. :) I just came across the entry in my journal from twelve years ago when I first read Jane Eyre. It certainly went beyond and above enjoyment. I was enthralled.

van Danne said...

ok now wait a minute head girl. i will grant you that napoleon is terribly stupid. and silly. obviously - those are its great strengths. BUT the Bronte sisters?? they may be great literature but I think you can hardly call napoleon disturbed when talking about him in the same context as the Bronte sisters. i mean if anyone was ever disturbed and showed it in their art the Bronte sisters were and did. talk about some dismal, depressing stuff. now come. you surely must admit this.

and I in turn will admit that, as I tend to like that kind of dark beauty, I very well might enjoy this book as much as Fa. :-)

Pipsqueak said...

HeadGirl meant that SHE was disturbed that Fa So La La liked ND.

Steph said...

Thanks for the book recommendation! I will be looking for it at the library.

Laura Kathryn said...

Actually, the fact that Fa-Sol and so on likes Napoleon Dynamite relieves me a little. It shows quite a depth that she appreciates Bronte and Napoleon in the same post. I am happy to hear it. One must keep ones perspective on oneself and not take oneself too seriously.
It's sort of like the typewriter joke...

fa-so-la-la said...

Which is???

Laura Kathryn said...

Well, the serious part you know:
Two ducks were sitting in the bathtub, and one duck said to the other one, "Could you please hand me the soap," and the other one said, "What do you think I am? A typewriter?"
If you don't think about it very hard it could strike you as hilarious; it has provided many moments of helpless laughter on trips to and from Boot Camp (perhaps combined with a good deal of sleep loss, but not always).
And then there's the one about the soap...

Anonymous said...

I thought it was two penguins in a bathtub...

LaceyP said...

I've always heard it's a blue penguin and a green penguin in a bathtub...but hey...whatever works for you! :) Fa, I am utterly shocked (in a good way) that you watched Napoleon Dynamite. I just thought you'd never actually do it! I'm glad you appreciated it's stupidity! ;) Oh my! :)

ithchick said...

1. Hmmm...I'll have to check it out
2. traitor
3.I won't. Read it, that is.
4. true