June 11, 2005


Queen Shenaynay

We rented the first three Star Wars movies this week. After watching the original movie, Spuddy Buddy naturally wanted to play lightsaber. Practically the moment the movie was over, he was wrapping duct tape around an empty gift wrap tube and making big plans to be Spud Skywalker With His Incredible Lightsaber.

Shieldmaiden, ever game for any activity that involves anything remotely sword-like, naturally jumped right in and made herself one, too. What good is one lightsaber, after all?

When the weapons were complete, Spuddy Buddy went running to show Fa-So-La-La. And in his biggest, chestiest man voice he proudly proclaimed:

"Hey look, sister! I made a life saver!!"

* * * * * *

I am always intrigued by the way that boy thinks. In the car today:

"Ya know, Mamadah... your head bones are kinda like an inside helmet."


coffeemamma said...

We've had lots of life savers around here, too! Spuddy Buddy sounds very much like our Boy ;-)

X said...

I loved those gift wrap tubes. Many a time have I used them as a sword.

Thermodude said...

I love Justin. He is the coolest guy I know. Auntie, I don't think I told you but in HH, I sat by The Spudster in one of the assemblies and in the middle of a song he asked me.....
"Is this song on pitch"
....in his proud 'I know what pitch is' kindof voice.
He is a dude.