April 6, 2005

Calling all Inklings!

The Shieldmaiden

No longer do my LOTR ramblings infect this blog...they are now contained in a gallon Ziplock....just kidding!

Please come visit my new LOTR blog:

~A note to Darkside and Fa-so-la-la~
If you have not posted on my blog by the next time that I check, I shall be very PUT OUT.


beatrice said...

Oh, and Thermo-dude, I tried to ask you to join, but the computer said that it was IMPOSSIBLE, I guess that your computer is unplugged. But, anyway, that is why you have not been invited yet!
We miss y'all at church and at choir! I hear that y'all got horses...cool! TTYL!

ithchick said...

I am running out the door this very minute to see it, without even pipeweed or my handkerchief.

X said...

I shall try my best oh great shieldmaiden.