February 17, 2005

Let me burst a few of Peter Jackson's bubbles.

Having lately seen the extended version of the Lord of the Rings has made me feel, more than ever, the mixture of Miss Piggyish I-want-to-teach-him-a-lesson feelings, and thanks for Peter Jackson.
If you had read the books more than once before you saw the movies, and your mental image of Arwen is not one of Liv Tyler, you know what I mean.
If you are one of those sycho nine year olds that do nothing but stare at their Orlando Bloom posters and argue nonstop over which one will marry him, to speak bluntly, you haven't got a clue.
I can't really comment on the Helms Deep extended scene, because I fell asleep during that scene, it being 2 AM, and then woke up, the exact moment the battle was over.
Is it just me, or is that weird?
I am really mad at Peter Jackson for ruining Legolas for people that have not read the books.
I guess that he failed to notice that in the books, Legolas is more than just arrows, dumb forebodings (like the classic, and need I say much laughed at, "A diversion."), action scenes and tons of hair spray.
Also, even though I think Viggo Mortenson did a good job as Aragorn (exept for that dumb scene where he looks in the palantir and his face gets all screwy), I think that Peter Jackson should have read the books a few more times before making the movies. The Aragorn of the Return of the King portrays Christ returning to his people, not some weak, miscellaneous fairytale king that lived happily ever after.
What is really telling, though, is that the first thing he thought, after reading the books the first time at age 18 was: "I can't wait for some one to make that into a movie."
Isn't that sad?
Isn't it sad that after reading a book like that, all he could think about was making it into a movie?


Pipsqueak said...

Very sad. I'm still wearing my dress of mourning. *adjusts veil*

L Kathryn G said...

Here now, this is the one I disagree with. I think some one is not considering some margin here.

Queen Shenaynay said...

The Shieldmaiden takes these things very seriously. But, all burst bubbles notwithstanding, she does appear to enjoy parts of the movies very much. Over and over and OVER. ;-) Jackson didn't get everything wrong, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Shafer here wishing that every day could be sunny, filled with singing, swimming, trips to the beach, and Ice Cream Dinners, but its the real world. In the time given, the ammendments and skipped parts were left out quite well.

I would have paid $15 to go see the movies if they had made each movie exactly like the book, but for what they did, it was well done.

I just hope that whoever is doing the Chronicles of Narnia does them justice.

Fa-so-la-la said...

Well Mr. Anonymous Shafer, I too hope they won't entirely mutilate Narnia, but I have a feeling that they'll make Aslan into a sweet little pussy. After all, Disney is inolved.(btw, it's Disney and Walden Studios that's making it) They had better watch out though-- he's not a tame lion. :-)
I agree that The Shieldmaiden is perhaps a bit strident in her critisisms, but my position on the matter is that what with the limitiations they could not get around the filmakers should have just left it alone. Stole it, they did, preciousss. We hates the nasty hobbitses! It was our birthday present. . . ;-)

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

It is our considered opinion that Peter Jackson is tricksy, he is.

Fellowship caught me betwixt wind and water, and I loved it. TTT flattened me with an anvil. The character assasination of Faramir is Unforgivable.

katwoman said...

As for me and my house, we are mad at anyone who would watch the movies before they read the books. And I am NOT going to watch Narnia. The only way they could do it correctly would be to have a trained lion, voiced by somebody big and boomy, and for heaven's sake NOT have his mouth move!

ithilien-princess said...

The movies were very well done, considering. BUT
HAVE YOU HEARD that New Line Cinema, without Peter Jackson, is doing a LOTR sequel with a second Fellowship following the first? and rescuing them at Helm's Deep?
and that Billy Boyd wants to play a Pippin-like character in The Hobbit?

fa-so-la-la said...